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Will Eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?



Will Eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

Lucy Hitchcock

One of the most common questions asked or searched when looking for a new Lash Artist is 'Will eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

Sadly Eyelash extensions can have quite a bad rep for damaging your natural lashes, causing bald patches and in some truly terrifying cases permanent loss to lashes. We have all heard the horror stories, The UK is renowned for having poor quality and practice, most lashes look very different in each salon, some scary pictures of badly applied lashes also circulate social media , you may even had a bad experience yourself and wanted to rip them off as soon as you got home - so we don’t blame you for wondering what damage this will cause in the long run.

The answer is really quite simple – if you choose the right salon / artist then lash extensions shouldn’t ever damage your natural lashes – it is down to the application method and skill whilst also ensuring the right lash is being applied for you on consultation.

We often find the most damage caused to lashes is in fact eye lash Curlers or day to day wear and lack of removal of some heavy mascaras, particularly waterproof ones.

A few things to think about to make sure you keep your own lashes healthy whilst still enjoying those regular luscious lashes;

Firstly, your lash artist is transparent about what lash she is using, we operate with a 0.15mm thickness. This is one of the lightest lashes available the market, using this light lash on an individual human lash for the whole application will ensure your own natural lashes can take the weight.

Many salons can apply a much thicker lash and sometimes up to 6+ lashes per individual lash, this is often sold as the “Russian Volume 3D lash” this is what in turn causes the damage, your own natural lash simply can’t take the weight resulting in early shedding and damage.


Can I achieve a dramatic look with a lighter lash?

Maybe your’e thinking now, I want a dramatic look can I achieve this with a lighter lash? Again absolutely – we build weightless volume so you can still achieve a full look.  

A thorough consultation is key before any application and you should never feel silly even asking to see the lash applied so you feel confident and comfortable

After you have got your lashes it is then down to you on how to maintain them – You should receive a guide from your artist.

Remember these key rules for eyelash extensions care:

  • Don’t get them wet for 24 hours after application – this is key to their longevity.

  • Don’t play with them, as tempting as it is to touch them this will result in the loss of them much sooner than they should, it can also result in damage to your own natural lash

  • Don’t use Mascara – no need now you have these on and will only result in early shedding of your new lashes.

  • Use an Oil Free cleanser or baby shampoo daily – you can use either of these to massage at the root of the extensions nearest the eyelid. This will ensure that any eyeliner and shadow is removed also. (We’ve recommended some on our FAQs page)

  • Use you lash wand on the tips of your lashes

  • Use the Hair dryer on a low setting once your lashes do get wet.. as silly as it sounds getting the lashes dry as soon as possible helps them last!


We recommend using an oil free eye makeup remover when wearing lash extensions. This one from Clinique is one of our favourites!



Another thing to bear in mind is Natural lash cycle, just like our hair our lashes also go through the natural shedding process. Will they still shed with eyelash extensions? Absolutely!

The average person loose 20% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks, whilst new growth (baby lashes) is constant. At any moment our natural lashes are in different stages, some are growing in and some are ready to shed.

You would hardly notice the natural shedding of lashes but when you have lash extensions it becomes much more obvious to you. No need to panic, this is not causing any damage.

This is very different to a lash being pulled out or removed by yourself – which is a big NO NO. You may be in a position where you want to play or remove one but our advise is don’t do it – save it for a professional.

Shown: common damage caused by heavy lashes - please note this is not our work!

damage caused by heavy lash extensions.JPG

Shown: After 6 months of an initial full set and regular rebalances every 4 weeks- natural lashes still in great condition.



I hope this has helped clear it up for you, any more questions please get in touch.

Talitha x