Summer Beauty trends 2018

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I am loving that summer 18 seems to be all about embracing natural looking beauty.

Freckles, bushy brows, salty wavy hair and long fluttery eyelashes are this summers best accessory.

Hair Extensions for fuss-free summer length!

are hair extensions hard to manage on holiday?

So many people ask me 'are hair extensions hard to manage on holiday?', the answer is not at all. However, a few tips will help you along the way to keep you looking the ultimate beach babe. Visit our Hair FAQs page for more Hair Extension Care Tips.

  1. You can dip in and out of the sea or pool like a mermaid if you wish to, we would just advise to wear your hair in a low ponytail or my personal favourite of 2 plaits.
  2. After you get out the water let your hair down to dry naturally in the sun, nobody will be able to see your hair extensions even when wet!
  3. Be sure to take your clarifying shampoo & conditioner away with you and wash and style as normal of an evening.

Redken High Rise Shampoo is perfect for your hair extensions - especially on holiday.


Eyelash extensions for the summer

Summer Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are also summer 18 essential, everybody is after the perfect flutter. Whether it be a wedding, holiday or just a beer garden in the sun with your friends a perfect set of eyelash extensions are sure to be your best accessory and investment this summer.


Last summer, Russian Volume 3D Eyelash extensions were all the rage, and I can happily say we can leave that look (and a few lost eyelashes) in the past. This year think more natural, Japanese lashes we specialise in will also be sure to not only match your eye shape but also enhance your natural bone structure.

You can still achieve a fuller volume look if you wish but with only one fine false lash attached to your one natural lash, you can be sure the look will be much more feminine and stunning.

If you want to look the ultimate golden goddess this summer with long wavy beach hair and the perfect fluttering lashes, we couldn’t be happier to help your inner golden goddess come out this summer.

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