What are the benefits of Tape Hair Extensions?


Tape hair extensions are by far the latest craze in the hair industry, they are radically changing the extension game and becoming the ‘go to ask’ for most clients, and truthfully now my favourite recommendation to most. 

The UK, especially the London hair extension market is catching up with the US and is starting to realise that tape hair extensions are the way the industry is going.

We love Tapes for so many reasons and here is why:

1. Firstly, the tapes are extremely safe and non- damaging to the hair when used correctly, Fox and Vamp states:

Our promise to you is that our methods are safe and non- damaging with truly beautiful results.”
— Fox & Vamp

2. Less Stress on Natural Hair

Another plus to this method is there is a lot less sectioning points meaning less stress on the natural hair, they also sit completely flat to the head so you don’t feel or see them at all.

3. Quick and Easy

You can achieve amazing hair extension results in as little as an hour, perfect for most London clients who haven’t got half a day to spend getting their hair done.

4. They are re-usable

Lastly, the tape hair extension system is re-usable making it much more financially achievable for clients. Tape hair extensions should be moved up the head every 8 to 10 weeks to prevent damage to the natural hair. In the case of very fine hair this process should take place around 6 weeks.

It is essential to choose a good tape product that won’t fall out and some systems and brands are much better than others.  When tape hair extensions are applied correctly the tapes will not fall out the head ever, until they are safely removed professionally by your technician.

Tape hair extensions have been around for some time but no one in the UK has had real knowledge as training was very limited to work with them, this has led to misapplication and some bad views overall, from clients and stylists   As a stylist you need to have the correct training to apply the tapes, some stylists assume it is very simple & have even taught themselves on youtube (scary right!) but without the correct knowledge and training you cannot achieve the best results.

There has become a stigma about hair extensions that they can be damaging to the natural hair, but this simply is not the case, not with true quality hair and a good qualified technician.

This is the reason why it is always imperative that you find a technician that knows exactly what he/she is doing on application. One extension applied in the incorrect way can lead to bald patches tension sores and hair loss.

The product I have trained with and chosen to use is by far the best in the industry, trust me I’ve searched, I’ve sampled, I’ve applied and I’ve worn others and none compare to these.

Richy Hair is the best of the best when it comes to Tape Hair extensions. They use 100% Virgin Double Drawn beautiful Siberian hair, it has a wave to it so looks extremely natural for most clients, additionally the natural hair cuticle is still intact to keep the hair tangle-free and last longer than other extensions available.

The colours have a multitude of shades running through them so you would never know they where extensions, the tapes are also super comfortable to tie into high ponytails and you cannot see any tapes when doing so - A dream for most that isn't always possible with other methods. 

Celebrity fans include J.Lo who is pictured below wearing Richy Tape Ins, and her stylist is often referencing them on his Instagram.


…Well if its good enough for J.lo.

If you live in London and you're thinking of getting tape hair extensions then please get in touch.

Get in touch today to find out more & why you would become a tape addict too!

Talitha x