Hair Extension FAQs

Feel totally at ease with your new hair extensions with our frequently asked questions...

Q. Can you have blow dries with hair extensions?

Extensions look fabulous once blow dried and styled. However, It is really important that the stylist you go to knows how to work with extensions, not having worked with them problems can easily arise, the hair can be matted at the backwash or even pulled out during a blow dry.

We are now offering blow dries in our Chelsea salon and encourage our clients to come to us or a stylist with extension experience to ensure they are treated with the best care.

Q. Can we get our hair coloured at your salon before our extensions are fitted?

You absolutely can, we have 3 top colourists available to choose from. This also means we can match you hair extensions perfectly alongside your colour.

Our colourists like to see you for a consultation prior if it’s a complete colour change, however if it is just a standard colour feel free to book online or calling up.

Q. Will Hair extensions ruin my natural hair?

We are sure to use the best and safest materials throughout the whole process. We don’t use glue with any of our methods. All our technicians are experienced hairdressers with years of practice, you should feel at ease with your technician and throughout the whole process.

Q. How will I know what method is best for me?

The free consultation is key when choosing what is right for you. We take many factors into account. Your hair length, thickness, the shape of your face and bone structure. We will always offer you the best advise that will make the most of your features and suits your lifestyle.

Q. How high maintenance is having extensions?

We like to think of the extensions as the crown you never take off. They become apart of your every day life. Yes we have some ground rules in how best to look after them which we provide you with before service, but they are easy to follow and mainly include using the correct shampoo and conditioner.

Q. How often do I need my extensions refitted?

The micro ring method allows for hair to be used again after 3 months, they are removed then reapplied lasting another 3 months.

Tape Method lasts 7-9 weeks, before a refit is needed.

Q. Can I go swimming with my new hair extensions?

Great question and a common one during the summer months. After swimming it is important that you rinse hair thoroughly as salt water and chlorine can cause the tapes to breakdown and discolour the extensions. For more info head to my blog on summer and hair extensions.

Q. Will people know I have extensions in?

A. With a perfect colour match, and the correct cut to blend them to your natural hair, we can guarantee nobody would know you had them in, Natural looking beautiful hair is what we always aim for.

Q. Why don’t you offer any other services?

We have chosen to specialise and stand alone as the go to Extension destination, whether this be lashes or hair. We believe that focusing solely on these will set us apart from the competition as its what we do day in day out, and what we do best.

Q. What type of hair do you use?

Only the very best.

Depending on what method you chose and your hair type, density we will either chose tapes or Micro Rings.

Fox and Vamp use Siberian hair, which is not like normal Russian hair. Normal Russian hair can be quite bulky and a bit course. Siberian hair I use is fine shiny with movement and naturally silky too which makes it perfect to match with most European hair.

This particular hair does not come cheap, but we are of the belief that nothing worth while ever is.

Q. How experienced are Fox & Vamp Hairdressers?

We have NVQ level 3 trained hairdressers with years of experience working in Fox & Vamp, who are able to style and cut your extensions once fitted.

Q. What products should I use on my hair extensions?

Recommended Products to ensure the best maintenance for your extensions:

Top Tips

1. Try to limit the use of hair straighteners on your new luscious locks they will just dry out the extensions and cause damage.

2. Don’t brush wet as the hair can go stringy, blast it 70% dry before you brush to maintain the condition.



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