Lash Extensions FAQs

Find out why Japanese lash extensions are our go to, and make them last longer by following our Lash Extensions FAQs


Q. Will Lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

To summarise the answer is no, however this is dependent on the lash artist and the type of lash you choose to have. Check out our latest blog answering just this. …

Q. How do I maintain my lash extensions?

We provide you with a thorough guide on how best to look after your lashes, and what to do before and after application to ensure you maximise the results.

Q. How long will my Eyelash Extensions last?

 As long as you follow the guide provided by us, you should expect them to last 3/4 weeks. Some clients can go up until 5 weeks, this is the longest we would ever recommend before a Rebalance.

Q. Can I wear makeup on my new eyelash extensions?

Absolutely! Shadow and liner look incredible with your new lashes. just no mascara as it will ruin your beautiful new lashes, you won’t need it anyhow!

Q. Can I have Eyelash extensions if I am pregnant?


Sadly no, this is due to allergic reactions that could take place during application, albeit extremely rare and in most cases these are manageable with antihistamine however it could lead to you being described something stronger, When you are pregnant you may not be allowed to take this medication. The body can develop allergies at any time through pregnancy and it isn’t the stress you need when carrying your little nugget.

We advise all future mummies to wait until after breastfeeding to return to us, the main reason is due to how much hair you shed post pregnancy,  Once this is over we would love to see you.

Q. Why do you only use Japanese Eyelash Extensions?

There are many methods available out there, However, we truly believe that Japanese Eyelash Extensions are the best on the market and hold a unique point of difference. They are stunningly, weightless lashes which are applied through the safest method of application, encouraging the natural growth of your own lashes. There is no discomfort or alcohol based products used like western markets,


The application itself refers to a high standard of lash artist, it is commonly used in other parts of the world and is now making its way to Europe. Once you have them you will be amazed at the results, be warned its rather quite addictive.

Q. Can you achieve a “Russian Volume” look with Japanese Eyelash Extensions?

We can build volume with weightless lashes, and you can create a bolder or more volume look if your face and eye shape can take this. However, we don’t provide Russian Volume lashes. The main reason is we don’t believe that this is a safe method and can cause lots of complications. With Russian Volume up to 5 lash extensions can be applied on one single human lash. As you can imagine the weight is often to heavy leaving to loss of natural lashes.

During your consultation we can discuss looks, and believe me we can create volume without compromising the health of your lashes.

Q. What products would you recommend for use on my lash extensions?

**Top Tip**

You can dry your lash extensions with a hair dryer on a cool setting once out the shower to ensure they dry well.

Q. Are your lashes Vegan?   

All of our lashes are Vegan friendly and we also have a vegan crystal adhesive (glue) available upon request. We are also proud to say we don't use any products that are tested on animals. 



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