Tape Extensions

Tape hair extensions

Tape Hair Extensions are quickly taking over now and are a great option for people who want to build volume or have a quick term fix for a big event. They are also a great option for those people who don’t like time consuming beauty treatments, as they are so quick and easy to fit. 

They last up to 7-9 weeks before a refit is needed.

We use Richy tape extensions, these are the most luxurious tapes on the market, using Siberian hair that is the same length from root to tip, the tapes are also completely invisible with the perfect colour match easily available with such variation of shades.



During your free consultation we will discuss what method is best suited to you, colour match you to the perfect shade with our unique colour blending service and talk to you about how you best maintain your hair extensions.

Fitting and Refit

Refit: Half the cost of the original price.

Consultation is key and the price list is just a guidance. The tapes are available from 16-21 inches.

If you visit us with clean hair, your tapes can be added as quickly as 1 hour, followed by blending and styling your extensions to perfection.


Tape Extension Prices upon enquiry

Richy Tape Hair Extensions.jpg
Richy tape hair extensions


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